ICSI Breeding

High Brow Cat has been ICSI exclusive breeding since 2014 and able to produce 100+ embryos each season.


What is ICSI? ICSI is the injection of a single sperm into a mature oocyte (eggs) in the laboratory using micromanipulation techniques.

Click here to learn more about ICSI and High Brow Cat from Dr. Justin Ritthaler.


Our clients are fortunate to have four highly reputable ICSI labs to choose from when breeding to High Brow Cat. Click the links to learn more about each one.

EquiEmbryo - Young Ho Choi, DVM; Fort Worth, TX

Texas A&M – College Station, TX

Equine Medical Services – Dr. Foss; Columbia, MO

In Foal Inc. - Dr. Beck; Hemut, CA

Colorado State University -Fort Collins, CO

Know the Facts About ICSI

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(Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

  • Proven safe and effective in breeding to the most prolific sire in cutting horse history.
  • Success rate growing – especially in mares 15 and younger, with no experienced negative impact.*
  • More than 100 pregnancies have resulted in each of the past two seasons using ICSI exclusively.
  • Costs are minimally higher than embryo transfer procedures . . . approximately $2,500.
  • Mare does not have to be in heat and procedure can be done any time of year with a higher chance of multiple embryos.
  • Embryos can be transferred or frozen.
  • Extensive experience in the procedure at Weatherford Equine, in the heart of cutting country.
  •  No Chute Fee.

ICSI points to consider


Click here to read the article from Quarter Horse News on ICSI.